Board Member Featured in WHAT’S UP? Media

“Charlie Wagner takes nonprofits very seriously. While working for Arundel Federal Savings Bank, he was in charge of vetting organizations that the bank had targeted for donations. He met with officials from HOPE For All in Glen Burnie.

The organization—a Christian ministry that provides basic necessities to families and individuals with limited economic resources—really caught his attention when he visited in January 2015. And the leadership of HOPE For All took an instant liking to Wagner.

Within a month, Wagner, who works for Arundel Federal’s Gambrills branch, accepted an offer to join their board.

‘He impressed us with his understanding and knowledge of our mission and what needed to happen for the people we serve,’ Hope For All Executive Director Connie Cooper says. ‘We built a relationship right then and there. Charlie fit the moment he walked in the door.'”